Five Alarm Leadership: From The Firehouse To Fireground - Book

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Rick Lasky and John Salka are two of the most dynamic and inspirational leaders in the fire service.

Their book, Five Alarm Leadership, is a compilation of leadership lessons learned, situations handled, decisions made, and problems solved during their combined 60-plus years of fire service experience. Also included is a special introduction by Chief (ret.) Bobby Halton, Editor-in-Chief of Fire Engineering magazine, outlining the nature of transformational leadership and its power to inspire excellence in the fire service.


- Preface
- Acknowledgments
- Introduction by Bobby Halton
- Defining leadership
- Brotherhood
- Managers enforce rules, leaders promote values
- Supervision
- Think of a great leader
- Getting things done
- Integrity
- Initiative
- Innovation
- Insight
- Interest
- Inspiration
- Intensity
- Information
- What kind of leader are you?
- ItŒ's your time to lead
- Index
- About the authors

256 Pages/Hardcover/6x9/2013
ISBN10 1-59370-234-5