Rhodium Incident Management Suite - Book

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The Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite provides a complete command and control solution allowing you to quickly consolidate and share information, coordinate assets, and act. From day-to-day incidents to large scale, multi-agency events, Rhodium is intuitive and scalable to any situation. Designed to support all-hazards and scalable response operations, Rhodium’s features are applicable in nearly any situation.

Key Features
• Near Real-Time Collaboration: Provides near real-time collaboration between incident staff including incident command, staging, dispatch, and emergency operation centers.
• Incident Specific Command Screens: Enables quick access to critical features such as shared mapping, social media feeds, weather data, notification tools, and other features.
• Access From Any Web-Enabled Device: Allow incident staff to easily improvise a command post without needing to wait for a specific computer or vehicle to arrive.
• Customer Defined Pre-Plan Templates: Fast access to pre-plan information including checklists, file attachments, and user-defined fields. Pre-plans may be location specific or critical infrastructure, or generic to call natures or planned events.
• Electronic ICS Forms: Collaborate on the development and publishing of Event and Incident Action Plans. Distribute plans on paper or in electronic format to responders.
• Audit Trail: Time-stamped logs and advanced business intelligence tools create robust after action reports and provide stakeholders with actionable information.