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SimsUShare is a fire and safety training simulation software application and a new initiative for fire and safety instructors. It is designed to help you give your trainees a realistic simulation of a potential situation allowing them to practice their actions.

It provides an easy way for instructors to
1. Rapidly create ‘what if’ situations in your first due
2. Teach recognition-primed decision making, smoke reading and situational awareness
3. Develop scenarios in the field or at your office and use them virtually anywhere
4. Share scenarios among colleagues and friends
5. Allow trainees to come up with their own scenarios for practice
6. Apply meaningful views of your district for table-top exercises or promotional exams
7. Take and share snapshots of training scenarios to enhance after-action presentations

Core features
• Use your own photos
• 20+ smoke and fire effects, victims and hazmat
• Walk-arounds, 360s
• Masking functionality
• Time your effects or click to evolve scenarios
• Copy and share across platforms
• Free trial and example scenarios
• Available in nine languages and counting

Simple and fast
1. Select photo
2. Add effects
3. Customise conditions
4. Play sim

For the individual
• Viewer (Free)
- Play sims
• Platinum (Yearly fee)
- Create and edit sims

For the department/organisation
• Network viewer (Free)
- Play sims
• Network (Yearly fee)
- Create and edit sims