Team Health and Safety - DVD

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Every day, firefighters risk their lives to save people from fires, serious accidents and other perils. But in the heat of the moment, their own safety is often the last thing on their minds and they fail to recognize the dangers in routine habits and daily life at the fire station. “Watching their backs” is the fire officer’s most important responsibility.

Training objectives:

1. Using statistics as a tool to prevent potential injury and death.
2. Implementing fitness and wellness programs to ensure firefighters are fit
3. Developing awareness for physical and mental stress and how to intervene
4. Guidelines for increasing emergency vehicle safety
5. How to enforce a “no-excuses” safety culture

SkillsTrain Distribution offers it's clients the ability to go for practical certification for this course if a client has completed an interactive course or online module successfully. The module as well as the practical certification can be purchased from us.

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