Combustion & Fire Behavior - DVD

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Describes the science of fire and combustion, the Fire Tetrahedron, states of fuel, types of heat energy, methods of heat transfer and the stages of fire development, including how to recognize fires in the incipient stage. Describes the products of combustion, factors in fire development and especially dangerous fire conditions.

Training Objectives:

1. Describe the science of fire and combustion
2. Describe the role of each element in the fire tetrahedron, starting with oxygen and other oxidizing agents
3. List the states of fuel and define pyrolysis and vaporization
4. Identify types of heat energy and describe the self-sustained chemical reaction
5. Identify the three methods of heat transfer
6. Describe the products of combustion
7. Identify the stages of compartment fire development
8. List factors in fire development
9. Describe dangerous special fire conditions

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