Advancing Hoselines - DVD

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Demonstrates how to pull and carry hose from a pumper to the fire location for a variety of hoseloads. Shows how to advance hose into structures and in stairways, from a standpipe and up a ladder and how to hoist hose. Describes how to extend a section of hose and how to retrieve a loose hoseline. Shows basic procedures for operating and controlling attack lines.

Training Objectives:

1. Pulling & Carrying Preconnected Hose
2. Advancing the Flat Load & the Horseshoe
3. Advancing Wyed Lines & the Working Line
4. Advancing into a Structure & in Stairways
5. Advancing Hose From a Standpipe
6. Advancing Hose Up a Ladder & Hoisting
7. How to Extend & Retrieve Hose
8. Operating & Controlling Attack Lines

SkillsTrain Distribution offers it's clients the ability to go for practical certification for this course if a client has completed an interactive course or online module successfully. The module as well as the practical certification can be purchased from us.

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