Plugging & Patching Drums - DVD

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Discusses the dangers of leaks in hazardous materials drums. Focuses on safety precautions and primary causation in drum breach, including puncture, pressure and deterioration. Demonstrates leak control using various equipment and methods, including the use of drum features as well as application of various plug and patch techniques. Discusses the importance of and procedures for overpacking.

Training Objectives:

1. Discuss basic safety rules for working with hazardous materials
2. Outline the major causes of leaks in drums, including puncture, pressure, impact damage and deterioration
3. Present the features of low-pressure drums and how to use these features to control leaks
4. Show the basic tools and materials needed to plug and patch drums
5. Demonstrate plugging and patching techniques for stopping leaks in drums
6. Show methods of drum overpacking

SkillsTrain Distribution offers it's clients the ability to go for practical certification for this course if a client has completed an interactive course or online module successfully. The module as well as the practical certification can be purchased from us.

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