Operating Fire Pumps - DVD

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The driver/operator’s ability to operate a fire pump that provides the necessary water supply while maintaining the mechanical soundness of the pump is critical to the success of the operation. This program presents how to operate the pump using water on the apparatus, how to operate the pump using an external pressurized water supply and how to operate the pump using water from a draft source.

Training Objectives:

1. Show how to pump water from the apparatus tank using power take-off and front-mount pumps
2. Demonstrate pumping water from the tank on an apparatus with a mid-ship or rear-mount pump
3. Show how to operate a pump panel to flow water
4. Show how to transition to an external water supply
5. Show cavitation and how to prevent it
6. Demonstrate how to pump water from a hydrant
7. Demonstrate drafting from a static source

SkillsTrain Distribution offers it's clients the ability to go for practical certification for this course if a client has completed an interactive course or online module successfully. The module as well as the practical certification can be purchased from us.

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