Secondary Assessment: Medical - DVD

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Presents secondary assessment for medical patients. Demonstrates how to assess baseline vital signs, including how to use monitoring devices. Presents how to take a patient history, including how to use SAMPLE and OPQRST. Demonstrates how to perform a secondary assessment for medical patients who are alert and oriented as well as patients who are disoriented, are responding only to verbal or painful stimuli or who are unresponsive. Presents the purposes and steps of reassessment.

Training Objectives

1. To present history-taking
2. To present secondary assessment techniques for medical patients
3. To demonstrate assessment of vital signs
4. To present the steps for performing reassessment

SkillsTrain Distribution offers it's clients the ability to go for practical certification for this course if a client has completed an interactive course or online module successfully. The module as well as the practical certification can be purchased from us.

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