Information videos

Linda Botha from SkillsTrain thanks the frontline workers

Product overview

Action Training overview

Flaim Trainer

FLAIM Trainer Product Video

FLAIM Trainer Overview

FLAIM Extinguisher Overview

Flaim Trainer

What’s Included

Hose Reel

Tracking Sensors



Heat Suit

First Run

iPad Configuration

FLAIM Trainer in action – Fire Service College UK
Ian Dunbar – Head of Fire Fighting Skills – experiencing FLAIM Trainer for first time

FLAIM Trainer commitment – Queensland Fire Services Australia (May 2020)

FLAIM Extinguisher

Fire Investigation Training

Jace West midlands fire service

This video shows West Midlands Fire service using RiVR Investigate

Humberside fire and rescue using RiVR Investigate

360 Video Classroom in a box

Royal artillery using Link

RiVR Link being used by Royal artillery

RiVR Link being used by American firefighters

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