Our story

How has Skillstrain Distribution changed it’s outlook on education?
We have embraced a hybrid learning approach, as we believe it will save our
clients time and money. We are reducing our carbon footprint by embracing
leading technologies.
We have focused our effort towards one goal: “Giving all our learners a
recognized qualification”
Ultimately we believe in creating a better future for Africa through education
and the development of skilled workers. We try our best to make education as
accessible as possible. To the end user this means we offer more opportunities,
at competitive cost on more platforms than ever before. Allowing instant
access to the majority of our products online.
Not ready to take the e-jump yet? Not to worry, we still offer the option to buy
books, DVD’s and USB curriculum’s. In fact we have made this more accessible
and faster than ever before with our instant checkout option. We offer delivery
to anywhere within South Africa, as well as the option to collect your products
at our office.

In addition to our vast range of online courses and materials, we will connect you with the correct accreditation facility upon completion of your course. Rest assured knowing that your courses are all according to national and international standards. SkillsTrain Distribution imports and distributes a wide range of training products for niche markets such as Health and Safety,

Fire and Emergency medical Services, Technical Training, health wellness and life skills. We specialise in providing services to Treasury, D.O.H. local government, municipal departments, Mining and manufacturing and training companies, we currently deal with any specific training need, or assist in specialized libraries for Fire, EMS and Educational arenas of expertise, with whatever the client may require to meet their training needs, which may be in the form of text, DVD’s, specialized instructor resources for a blended approach, testbanks, posters, charts, or an on-line delivery platform to delivery e-learning course content, virtual reality or simulations.

We import mainly from the USA and the U.K. and currently represent top global Producers and Publishers. We work exclusively with most local producers where we endeavor to market all the training DVD’s that they have been able to produce. SkillsTrain distribution supplies all forms of specialized multi-media training aids such as instructor’s resources and student handouts, text and e-options for students, CD ROMs and / or DVD’s, to enhance your training function. We currently
deliver across Southern Africa and neighbouring states as well as export orders where required.

We exclusively represent Action Training Systems in USA with their new ATS On-Line Offering. We are the official importers for IFSTA/FPP, NFPA, Jones and Bartlett Learning, Lippincott Williams Learning, Elsevier Sciences, Cengage, Wiley, Pearson, McGraw Hill, Management Pocket Books, Emergency Film Group, CI Net / Red Vector incorporating Industrial ISTN FETN, PSTN. ISTN and EMS television Networks for the e-learning e-commerce platform.

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