Let’s talk about the future of training. No time to travel to class for tedious training we are bringing you our online learning, saving you time is more cost-effective with real-life scenarios, which will enable students to feel and experience Virtual Reality (VR) in its true form. 

The FLAIM Trainer will travel bringing learning to all people here is an opportunity to experience actual Fire scenarios, feel the heat experience the weight of the hoses, over 15 scenarios can be customised to your specific environment, The FLAIM Trainer can do this for any situation, bringing Fire training to all people. 

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Below is the original article from FLAIM Systems on VR.

FLAIM Systems Pty Ltd was invited to demonstrate FLAIM Trainer™ to a group of emergency management trainers by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) in October 2017. During the presentation a live poll was conducted asking the attendees ‘Is VR the Future of Training?’ The response was quite compelling with 85% saying yes, 10% saying no and the remaining 5% unsure.

Results of the QFES Poll on VR Training.

The poll is revealing in terms of the potential of VR enabled training to deliver the next generation of training solutions. And although VR has found most of its application in experience based information and entertainment to date, training has the potential to be a key application growth area for VR. The individual immersion VR provides, and the potential of VR to deliver cost effective distributed training through portability, utility and affordability.

With FLAIM Trainer™ being an example solution, it will be interesting to see where VR takes training – and vice versa.

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